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We understand that brands carry an emotional impact on the audience that will vary from one person to the other. Get the right reaction from the public with a brand that's well-placed in market, style and tone.


Talk to us about your latest idea - whether you're thinking of a website, an online store, or a print project, our team can carry your project from conception to completion and deliver results you will be proud of.


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Happy Clients

It really is an absolute pleasure working with you!!! Love the enthusiasm and speedy turn around and tweaks to ensure the producer is happy.
Well Done!

-- Noeleen Padayachee, EARTH TOUCH SA

Thanks again - you did an awesome job in a very short amount of time :)

-- Elri Pollard - Project & Events Coordinator | Momentum Short-term Insurance

Amazing talent at Electrik Design Agency and beautiful people - Chat to Candi and Andrew and let them run wild with design.

--Kate Lovemore
The Sounds Of Paragliding

Sound engineer Thibaut Darscotte took special equipment to the skies that shadow France to record the sounds of Théo de Blic’s aerobatic paragliding.
A new take on the ever-popular stunt videos that float in and out of our daily online lives, Shams has created a sensation for the senses through nothing but the incredible sounds of a locomotive parasail, as opposed to the intensity brought about by a backtrack.

Find yourself a pair of earphones (to get the full experience/fool your boss into thinking you’re working), listen to nothing but the sounds created by Blic’s parasail whipping through crisp air at incredible speed and experience a feeling of weightlessness right at your desk.

For more, visit his page at shams.fr