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We understand that brands carry an emotional impact on the audience that will vary from one person to the other. Get the right reaction from the public with a brand that's well-placed in market, style and tone.


Talk to us about your latest idea - whether you're thinking of a website, an online store, or a print project, our team can carry your project from conception to completion and deliver results you will be proud of.


More users are on the go than ever before. We'll ensure that your business delivers on the devices your customers work, rest and play on.

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Happy Clients

It really is an absolute pleasure working with you!!! Love the enthusiasm and speedy turn around and tweaks to ensure the producer is happy.
Well Done!

-- Noeleen Padayachee, EARTH TOUCH SA

Thanks again - you did an awesome job in a very short amount of time :)

-- Elri Pollard - Project & Events Coordinator | Momentum Short-term Insurance

Amazing talent at Electrik Design Agency and beautiful people - Chat to Candi and Andrew and let them run wild with design.

--Kate Lovemore
Love Your Selfie

The world of “Selfies” may be taking over the 21st century, but it is not the 21st century that we should thank for this extremely entertaining social media trend. Bradley Cooper’s never-ending arm makes for the perfect shot at the Oscars and Miley is close to receiving a knighting is selfie-taking, but it is the likes of those who held the confidence to turn the lens on themselves before it was socially encouraged, never mind accepted, that we give praise to.



We produced a series of web banners for a campaign by WWF-UK in association with Rovio Entertainment’s popular Angry Birds RIO game in order to draw attention to endangered species in the Amazon. We created a jungle scene with a tree felling machine in the distance, threatening the new characters they designed : Golden lion tamarin, blue poison dart frog, rainbow macaw.